Arizona Pomskies Photo's
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Arizona Pomskies Team
These are photos of real
This litter shown here is the
product of two HIGH quality
AKC parents. All our dogs
are health tested before
being bred. Please be sure
no matter where you get
your pomskies that they
know their lines very well,
that is the only way to
ensure your puppy will not
have hereditary issues
Right: Tri colored
Pomskie tan, white, and
black with blue eyes

Below: is the standard
black and white husky
coloring with stunning
clover husky markings.
This dog has a soft grey
This guy we called Snickers.
He is the perfect mix of pom
and husky. This is your ideal
pomskie. He has very nice
markings too
Right: This is a light Merle. The Merle
is considered very rare. They are
stunning but the reason they are so
rare is because to breed Merle lines
one must be very knowledgeable in the
Merle gene or too many genetic issues
could arise. When done by breeders
who know what they are doing though
you get stunning looks like this with
piercing blue eyes to boot.
1st photo to left is Sooner.
2nd Photo on right is Maverick
Both in their new homes now.
This light Merle on left shown here is
now in her new home and doing great.